President’s Newsletter – January 2016

Your Board has decided to downsize and to reduce substantially the range of activities it undertakes because of the high cost of the Head Office function and the reduced level of resources available to it.

However, the actions we plan to take will not affect your Branch activities or their funds and are only about ensuring that we as a National body can continue into the future. Branches and members are our lifeblood and we will continue to strongly support them.

On Saturday 28 November 2015, at a Special Meeting called by your National Board, Branches agreed with the Board’s proposal to reduce the range of activities and funds operated at a National level. This will result in a leaner National Body with a focus on:

  • communicating with branches and members including the sharing of successes and failures through fraternity;
  • representation on national matters;
  • member support through a National Benevolent Fund; and
  • membership record keeping.

What changes are planned?

Your Board will make the following changes:

  • Closing and distributing to fund members, their interest in the
    • Retraining Fund
    • Tertiary Bursary Fund
    • Transition Fund

It is our aim that members will receive their entitlements by 31 March 2016.

  • Branches to become responsible for invoicing member’s dues.
  • An option of Annual Dues notices.
  • Sale of Timeshare weeks.

Any sale will be conditional on honouring 2016 Bookings.

  • Closure and distribution of the Society’s Medical Assistance fund.

The Society’s rules are currently being reviewed to allow for the above changes.

I hope members and their families had a very enjoyable and safe Christmas & New Year and I wish you all the very best for 2016.

Philip Horan