The Hibernians are overseen by a Board of Management comprising:

  • Phil Horan, President
  • Kevin Frost, Vice-President
  • Bede Brittenden
  • Tom Cotter
  • Peter Delaney
  • Susan Healy
  • Patrick McGill
  • Peter Sumby
  • Jocelyn Delaney, Secretary

Peter Delaney
Patrick McGill
Peter Sumby

Audit Committee
Peter Delaney (Convenor)
Bede Brittenden
Kevin Frost

Communications Committee
Susan Healy (Convenor)
Bede Brittenden
Peter Sumby

Funds and Marketing Committee
Patrick McGill (Convenor)
Tom Cotter
Kevin Frost

Structure and Management Committee
Phil Horan (Convenor)
Peter Sumby