From the Board Table – May 2015

A report following the Hibernian Society National Board meeting on Thursday 7 May 2015

All of the Board members were present for this meeting which was held in the Parish Hall at Kilbirnie, Wellington – a much different venue than in the past!  Being closer to the airport, it was more convenient for Board members flying into Wellington.

Timeshare Holiday Accommodation

It was pointed out that not all of the Society’s twenty Timeshares were booked for next year so if any member wishes to use them in 2016, please get in touch with Leeane Palmer.

Medical Fund

The July 2014 Annual Meeting passed a motion that the $60,000 in the National Medical Assistance Fund would be dispersed among the Branches who have Medical Funds and those who set up qualifying Branch Medical Funds.  To date, $15,000 has been paid out to Branches: one branch that had an existing qualifying scheme and two branches that have set up new qualifying Medical Funds.  The motion gave branches until 1 April 2016 to do this.

Clubs NZ

The Board decided to set up the necessary facilities so that all members of the Society can join Clubs NZ which would then entitle them to access nearly all, if not all, Charter Clubs throughout New Zealand.  Watch this space as to how it is to be implemented.

Closure of Branches

Regrettably notice was received that both our Ashburton and Timaru Branches are closing.

Definition of ‘Catholic’

The July 2014 Annual Meeting instructed the Board to look into the definition of Catholic, in terms of its interpretation by the Society.  A Notice of Motion will be presented at this year’s Annual Meeting.

Future of the Society at a National Level

After the President presented a comprehensive paper on the past, present and future of the Society, the Board intends to move a remit at the Annual Meeting that the Society at a national level (i.e. not at a Branch level) works towards closing.  This would involve distributing national assets etc.  Bringing this about will of course take time, but it is a step that the Board feels is in the best interests of members.

Board Meeting and Annual Meeting

The next Board meeting is on Friday 24 July 2015.

The Annual Meeting is being held at the Thorndon Hotel, Thorndon, Wellington commencing at 11:00am on Saturday 25 July 2015.

Yours fraternally

WJB Brittenden
for Communications Committee