Special meeting on 16 March 2013

A Special Meeting of the Hibernians will be held on Saturday 16 March 2013 at 11:00am at St Mary of the Angels Parish Hall, 17 Boulcott Street, Wellington.

This meeting is primarily for Branch delegates to vote on rule changes that allow the Society to stop insuring its members and allocate a final cash closure value to members who have assurance and funeral benefits.

A copy of the notice of meeting and the proposed rule changes are included below:

Notice of Special Meeting

Proposed Rule Changes

Update (4 March 2013):

The latest copy of the President’s newsletter is included below.  This answers a number of questions that members have raised since they were initially advised of the special meeting:

President’s Newsletter 4 March 2013

Hibernians freshen up online look

The Hibernians have upgraded their website, making their offerings more visible to members and the public.

“It was well overdue”, Hibernian Marketing and Communications Chairperson, Paul Ramsay said.

The original site was designed twelve years ago, grouping the offerings by age-groups. The new design removes this distinction, making everything more readily accessible.

The Hibernians have made an important contribution to the lives of many Catholic families.

As well as financial benefits, the Hibernians have always placed a strong emphasis on community and social support.  Speaking at the Hibernians Annual Meeting in Auckland recently, Bishop Dunn reinforced the changing nature of the immigrant church.

“Bishop Dunn challenged us to re-think our target market”, said Paul Ramsay.

The Hibernians are very pleased to launch its new website which includes CathNews NZ’s twice-weekly update of Catholic news from New Zealand and around the world.

“We are very grateful to Church Resources for helping us out in this way.  They have done a fantastic job.”

The Hibernians see the new site as a starting point, and are looking to add additional functionality.

“This includes the possibility of online purchasing of products and services”, Paul Ramsay said.

“One of the beauties of using a Content Management System is that the site can be fairly easily adapted to meet new needs as they come along”, said John Murphy of Church Resources.