Retraining Benefit

Workplace transition, redundancy, up-skilling are the landscape of a modern economy. Anyone at any moment can find themselves out of a job or in need of new skills to improve their career opportunities.

The Hibernians Retraining Fund is designed to buffer the financial effects for those who need to upskill.

The Retraining Fund offers two types of benefit: a General Benefit and a Special Benefit.

General Benefit
This benefit is available as of right to members over 25 years and who have been with the fund for five or more years. The benefit is set at $1,000 for a full academic year.

Members of less than five years standing and those studying for less than a full academic year, may also apply for the pro-rated benefit.

Special Benefit
The Hibernians may grant only to a recipient of the General Benefit, one or more Special Benefits. A Special Benefit is discretionary, and takes into consideration:

  • The member’s seniority in the fund
  • The members’ history with the Hibernians
  • The degree of hardship the member faces
  • The amount of other assistance the member may receive
  • The current level of demand on the fund
  • The likely future deman on the fund
  • The duration of the member’s retraining
  • Any other factors considered relevant to the spirit and purpose of the fund and the objectives of the Hibernians.

Contributions to the fund are set at $15 per quarter. A member wishing to subscribe for double or triple benefit would pay $30 or $45 per quarter respectively.

Other Information
This is only a brief summary of the rules governing the Retraining Fund. Full details including the financial summary of the fund, and conditions surrounding exiting the fund, can be obtained on request from the Hibernians national office.